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Vlak 11 Afrikaans Studiegids (Web app)

Curriculum aligned e-learning content
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Introducing Vlak 11 (Grade 11 - 12) Afrikaans Web App

What is a web app?

A web app, short for web application, is basically a software application that runs on a web server rather than being installed on the local computer. Users access the application through a web browser, like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Think of it as a program that you can use online without having to download or install anything. Some examples include Google Docs, Trello, or even online banking platforms. They're convenient because you can use them from any device with a browser and internet connection.

Once levels 7-10 are conquered, Level 11 reinforces and consolidates the learner's existing knowledge. This level can be used for both Grade 11 & 12 learners.
What Vlak 11 Offers:
1. In-Depth Learning: Dive deep into each module, covering essential academic topics.
2. Comprehensive Testing: Challenge yourself with vocabulary tests and modular assessments to gauge your progress.
3. Interactive Lessons: Access pre-recorded video lessons for engaging learning experiences.
4. Perfect Pronunciation: Master pronunciation with audio support for words.
5. Enhance Comprehension: Improve comprehension through reading, listening, and visual exercises.
6. Unleash Creativity: Foster your creative side with engaging writing assignments and expert guidance.

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