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Vlak 4 Herman die Kameelperd (Web app)

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In Vlak 4 (Grade 4), the tale of Herman die Kameelperd and his family unfolds. The narrative delves into family dynamics, our bodies, and introduces parts of speech, fostering a robust vocabulary for kids to carry through their academic journey.

In each module, Herman introduces a family member, unveiling their families and adding a pleasant surprise to his own family in Module 5.

Learners become immersed in the language throughout this journey. The modules incorporate audiovisual support within activities and worksheets.

Topics covered include:

- Selfstandige naamwoorde
- Lidwoorde
- Werkwoorde
- Byvoeglike naamwoorde en bywoorde van tyd
- Meervoud en Verkleining reëls
- Trappe van vergelyking
- How to start writing sentences in the correct word order
- Writing sentences in the Past and Future Tense
- Negatiewe sinne

Additionally, learners can access:

- Vocabulary videos with pronunciation clips
- Computer-marked assessments
- External links to Afrikaans songs or short children's programs for improved pronunciation and comprehension.

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