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Vlak 6 Precious die Kat (Web app)

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Vlak 6 introduces us to Precious the Cat, who heads to the salon for a pampering session, including nails and hair care. In this level, learners must decide which path to take—will Precious book her appointment at 10:00 am or opt for 12:00 pm? And who will attend to her nails, Jenny or Karen?

Throughout this engaging journey, learners are fully immersed in the language. Through repetition and practice, Precious finally concludes her adventure in the last module, returning home with a trolley full of shopping!

These modules incorporate audiovisual support within the activities and worksheets.

Learners can expect to cover the following:

- Meervoud en Verkleining reëls
- Trappe van vergelyking
- How to read time in Afrikaans
- How to structure sentences in the correct word order
- Writing sentences in the Past and Future Tense
- Applying conjunctions and negation in sentences
- Writing active and passive sentences

Furthermore, learners will have access to:

- Vocabulary videos with pronunciation clips
- Computer-marked assessments.

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