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About Us

Online Education Is Our Speciality

DT International Academy is an online cloud learning centre that provides quality education to people of all ages and backgrounds. Founded in 2014, DTIA has been at the forefront of remote learning and continues to develop innovative and interactive programs designed to help learners learn additional languages, as well as a wide range of other subjects such as Math, Science, History, Music, English and more. Our courses are delivered by our highly-qualified specialist teachers and are tailored to meet the needs of each individual learner.

At DTIA, we strive to provide an engaging and effective learning experience for all students. As such, our classes are kept small with no more than six students per group so that each student can receive personalised feedback from their teacher and have ample opportunity for discussion. Our one-on-one instruction offers an exceptional level of support that helps ensure that all participants achieve the best possible results from their studies.

As part of our commitment to providing a high quality of education, we also offer various resources such as study materials, activities and assessments designed to measure student progress. Furthermore, many of our courses incorporate interactive elements such as videos, quizzes and online games which make the learning process even more enjoyable for our students.

Through our innovative approach to remote learning, DT International Academy is leading the way in bringing quality education to people around the world who would otherwise not have access to it. We believe that everyone should have the chance to reach their full potential through education regardless of circumstances or location – which is why we are dedicated to helping learners unlock their full potential through quality online teaching.

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Meet Our Team

From Afrikaans to Spanish, from Music to Mechanics we've got you covered. Our team of specialised teachers have over 30+ years experience in both subject field and online education. 

Danie Boneschans

Danie Boneschans

DTIA Founder and CEO

Danie completed his BA in Audiovisual Production Management and thereafter his PGCE at the University of Johannesburg. He founded and registered DanieTeach PTY Ltd in 2014 and has since been growing his business with the aim to participate in and contribute to a global education revolution. Danie has been teaching Afrikaans for 13 years, 5 of which online distance teaching along with his self-developed Afrikaans program proving to be a successful contribution to the world of online education.

Beantha Pretorius

Beantha Pretorius

Operations Manager | Tutor

Beantha completed her high school career as a private distance learning student with a passion for teaching. She has built up solid experience in home school environments, au pairing and teaching children from as little as 6 years of age. Beantha has been employed by DT International Academy since January 2021 and assists with admin, enrolments, communication, finances and teaching Afrikaans, English, Mathematics and Sciences from years 1 - 9.

Barbara Williamson

Barbara Williamson

 EZ Learn

Since 2001 Barbara has made the teaching and learning of commercial subjects easy, relevant and fun. Her small classes allow for the learner to engage in the lessons, feeling heard and supported.

EZ Lessons, online EZ Classrooms and EZ Learning and Revision guides are available for IEB / CAPS and Cambridge Accounting, Business Studies and Economics.

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Catherine Cuff

Catherine Cuff


Catherine is an expert in guiding and developing students young and old. From tutoring subjects like Mathematics and Science, to learning how to learn, I put the skills learnt through experience and my qualifications in special educational needs into developing programmes that enhance the capabilities of my students and my tutors.

Digitutors also provides quality education in Computer Sciences and Information Technology. 

Steph Klarmann

Stephanie Klarmann

Specialised Tutoring Services

Stephanie has completed her PhD in Conservation Psychology through the University of Johannesburg. She has been teaching IGCSE, AS and A level English to students since 2013. As a professional photographer, she has an eye for storytelling and the combination of her qualifications makes her stand out above the rest. 

Tabby Mittens

Tabby Mittins

English Teacher

Tabby obtained a Nature Conservation degree before heading abroad to see the world. She attained a Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELTA). Tabby spent five years teaching adults and children of all ages in language and International Schools in the Middle East and South East Asia before returning to South Africa. Her passion for animals and behaviour prompted her to obtain a qualification in applied animal ethology, and she now also runs a small dog training business in her spare time. 

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